What does servicing your hot tub feel like?

Hot Tub Service & Repair - Before


How our customers often feel BEFORE having us handle their hot tub service and repair.

Hot Tub Service & Repair - After


How our customers often feel AFTER having us handle their hot tub service and repair.

Picture This

It’s Friday night and it’s a beautiful evening. You have your bathing suit, towel and drink in hand, you walk out to your tub and push the on button for the jets, you put your foot in the hot tub and… it’s ICE COLD! You think to yourself “OH $….”

Now you have two options.

Option 1: Fix it yourself, which for most hot tub owners we know can feel frustrating and annoying.

You wake up early on Saturday morning to fix the tub issue. You hope to get it done in an hour or two so you can have breakfast with your family. You’re outside sweating, getting in awkward positions figuring out exactly what you need to do to fix the problem. You run into an issue that you don’t have the knowledge to fix. You whip out your iPhone and search google and youtube to figure out how to fix it. Once you figure out what you need to know, you realize you’re missing the proper tools to make the fix. But, You have a tool you think will work so you try it, even though you’re being very careful, you get frustrated and apply a little too much force and you accidentally strip something or you break something that you know is going to be an expensive pain to fix. You get halfway through the project. It’s getting hot out and before you know it it’s late afternoon and your entire Saturday has passed and your hot tub still isn’t working…

Option 2: Hire a professional to take care of it for you.

Friday night you leave a message for your hot tub repair guys. They come out and fix your hot tub during the next week and that’s it. On Saturday instead of waking up and getting frustrated at your hot tub, you sleep in if you want to because someone else is going to take care of that hot tub issue. You spend the day with your family, taking time to sit in your favorite hammock that you recently installed in your backyard, relaxing with a nice cold drink. You look over at your hot tub with smiling knowing that it will be fixed within the week and you won’t have had to lift a finger.

That’s why we’re here. We give you your Saturday back. Because we know you only get 52 a year.

Services We Offer?

Recurring Drain and Clean Services 

Recurring Chemical services

Hot Tub Services



Covers and Chemicals

Sales of New and Certified Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

Full-Service Hot Tub Maintenance and Repair

Hot Tub Repairs

You’ll take pleasure in our Full-Service Hot Tub Maintenance and Repair, providing cleaning, maintenance, and repair to hot tubs and spas.

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that our technicians go through extensive training before performing a full inspection and repair of your hot tub. Atlanta Hot Tub Center also offers a drain and clean program including quarterly maintenance visits to keep your spa running beautifully for years to come.

We Specialize in Sundance Spas, Caldera Spas, Jacuzzi, HotSpring, Coast Spas


The service team at Atlanta Hot Tub Center can get your hot tub up and running as quickly and cost-effective as possible. We are committed to providing the highest level of hot tub service and customer satisfaction to all of Georgia.

We specializes in Hotspring, Jacuzzi, Sundance and Caldera and work on all spas out there.

Atlanta Hot Tub Center is the only one in Georgia to offer a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY PARTS AND LABOR for all service calls. We stand behind our work!

We keep a detailed profile of your spa so warranty is a breeze!

Top Tier Technicians: A top tier technician is a certified factory trained technician that can work on any hot tub brand. Your benefit is we only employ top tier technicians. We believe you deserve a well trained technician!

25 Point Hot Tub Inspection: You see, we are the only service company that offers a 25 point inspection. Not only will this give you the shape and working order of your hot tub, but it will let you know if there is going to be a future problem. We want to fix it right the first time!

Punctual: Nothing worst then waiting for service. We understand you’re busy. Atlanta Hot Tub Center will call you first thing AM on you scheduled appointment day, let you know what time we will be on site. You won’t have to wait on us!

Clean up: You can be confident, we always clean up after the service!

Cussing on the property: Any cussing or unprofessional behavior on the customers property results in free service.

Parts: You always receive the highest quality of parts. Backed by the largest warranty available. We want to fix it right the first time! Below are some of the part manufactures we use:

Why choose us?

There is one reason, EXPERIENCE. Brian Johnston, owner of Atlanta Hot Tub Center began his passion sweeping floors working at a local hot tub company. Brian worked his way up the ranks, quickly achieving the lead technician honor. Attending many workshops at spa makers like Hotspring.

After discovering there was no where else to go, Brian started “Guaranteed Spa” now “Atlanta Hot Tub Center” by Guaranteed Spa. Brian is proud to offer you his exclusive one year warranty…Yes, parts and labor. An Atlanta exclusive.

Drain and Clean Explained

Most companies just come out and drain and refill your spa. They might even lightly scrub it. We fully detail and clean your hot tub using special products made for hot tubs.

We first use a special chemical that cleans the inner plumbing. This gets rid of all the build up and bacteria in the inner plumbing. Then using a commercial vacuum; we suck out the inner plumbing and every ounce of water in the spa. Then using a special commercial cleaner we scrub down the entire spa. We condition the siding using a special SPF product to protect against the sun. We use a special acid based cleaner to clean the filters. This gets rid of all the build up, contaminants, and bacteria that grows on the filter.

 We know how important it is to keep the cover in good working order. We use a cover cleaner and dry it off. Then for the finishing touches we use another SPF product to not only protect against the sun but to condition it so it last for many years to come. We completely fill the spa back up with water and balance the chemicals leaving you ready to go hot tub!

Don’t worry about a thing because we also leave you a 6 month supply of chemicals and a typed out sheet on how to use them! We take the work out of hot tub ownership!!!

Program Benefits

Free chemicals, aromatherapy, accessories installation, cover installation, and service discounts; just leave what you need right here on our website and we will UPS for free the following day. You can always swing by our warehouse and pick up at your convenience. Don’t forget full chemical support. If you have any trouble with your chemicals and your water isn’t crystal clear we will send you what you need. We stock all spa chemicals and aromatherapy for your convenience.

All hot tub manufactures suggest draining and cleaning your spa 3 times a year. This protects the plumbing and components from corrosion, calcium build up, hard water, and leaks! O-rings and seals don’t take well to water that isn’t maintained properly. They can become dry rotted or brittle. This results in leaks and headaches. Let us take the work out of hot tub ownership so you can enjoy your spa for many years to come.

Automated cleanings; we will leave you a message a week in advance with time and date or schedule your own within the scheduled month.

Huge discounts on service. It will be ready to go every time you get into it as long as you follow some very easy weekly instructions. We know if we are taking care of your hot tub; you can relax and enjoy!

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John Botkins

“I’ve never dealt with a friendlier and more professional person, and the price was unbelievable. Do yourself a favor, and hire Brian’s company! Outstanding.”

– John Botkins –

Stone Mountain, GA

“Brian was very professional, completing all necessary repairs. His communication skills and prompt arrival as promised are something hard to find in the Atlanta area.”

– Stone Mountain, GA –

Allison Nicole

“Look no further for the best Spa service and maintenance company that serves the Atlanta area. Brian Johnston and his crew are super nice, knowledgeable honest and extremely dependable.”

– Allison Nicole –

Howard Stein

When we found Guaranteed Spa, met Brian, saw his operation, contacted several of their clients, we now own the hot tub of our dreams.  Thankful to have saved a bunch of money, too!

– Howard Stein –

Fayetteville, GA

“They displayed excellent professionalism. I would highly recommend to my friends and co-workers.”

– Fayetteville, GA –

Jace Harris

“I have dealt with service companies all of my life and I can tell you that Brian and James of Guaranteed Spa Service and Maintenance are at the top of my list as to professionalism, service and just great guys to deal with.”

– Jace Harris –

Laurianne Jones

“These guys are great! They moved and serviced my spa. The price was great and Brian knows his stuff. If you need a hot tub fixed do yourself a favor and call the best. Thanks Guaranteed Spa!! Great Job!!!”

– Laurianne Jones –

Allison Nicole

“They offer a top notch drain and clean service to make sure your hot tub stays clean and healthy. Fantastic follow-up and outstanding service. Do yourself a favor… call Brian!”

– Allison Nicole –

Jace Harris

“You cannot beat the service and their pricing. If you have a spa, these are the guys to call! I only gave them 5 stars, they should have received 10!”

– Jace Harris –