Certified Pre-Owned Hot Tubs

We work with many dealers all over the Southeast. We only specialize in high-end quality spas such as Hotspring, Caldera, Jacuzzi and Sundance. We are here to make sure YOU don’t buy a Hot Tub headache. We are fully certified and factory trained. You can purchase a spa for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Remember, this means “Certified” from top to bottom and side to side, like it was new, tested in perfect working order.

We are the largest pre-owned hot tub dealer in Georgia and we guarantee you won’t find a better refurbished spa!

Hot Tub Repairs

So what do we do when we come across, or have one of our Greater Atlanta customers trade in their top of the line spa for the latest model? Maybe it’s seen a few years of service, is a little rough around the edges and needs some TLC, but is otherwise in good shape.

We elevate it to new heights with a comprehensive refurbishing and find it a new home! Here at Atlanta Hot Tub Center, we take our hall of fame spas and hot tubs and run them through our reconditioning program, which produces a near-new spa by the time the last item is checked off our comprehensive checklist. Pre-Owned, yet like new.


All mechanical parts of the equipment are tested to ensure that they are in tip-top shape. Parts that don’t meet our standards are repaired or replaced. Here we check the Circulation Pump, the Jet Pump(s), Heater, Control Panel functions and the ozonator, if one is installed, and any other mechanical items that are usually found in the equipment compartment.


Just because a mechanical item seems to be running fine, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthy. In this stage, we check things like proper amperage draw, ground leakage, and check for any electrical components that are showing signs of stress. Here we check the control box assembly, GFCIs, Lights, Control Heads, and heater/pump electrical connections.


Once the mechanical and electrical check out, we fill each pre-owned spa, heat it up and run the pump(s), checking to ensure connections are dry, there is proper pressure, and that all of the jet functions are working properly. Here we also check circulation hoses, valves, both air and water, water features, and the filter compartment. Then filled, heated spa goes through a 24-36 hour wet test to ensure quality operation.


Almost all certified pre-owned spas that come our way get their cabinet refurbished or sanded and re-stained. Many of our customers are “wowed” by how new the hot tub looks at this point. We also go over the surface, bar-top, cover locks and base, bringing them up to selling standards. Almost all of our refurbished spas receive a brand new cover.

Why choose us?

If you are interested in saving an enormous amount of money, our certified pre-owned hot tubs are the way to go.

100% of our clients are happy hot tubbers with money in their pockets. You’ll love your new pre-owned hot tub from Atlanta Hot Tub Center. Guaranteed!

We Specialize in Sundance Spas, Caldera Spas, Jacuzzi, HotSpring, Coast Spas

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